“Ouch!” said my ego


This is a lesson in mindset. YET is the key word to remember. So I tell my wounded ego, as I leave the tennis lesson and drive back home.

I set out to be proactive and focus on my health more closely so I decided to take some tennis lessons, have some fun, and get myself moving more. I played tennis as a hobby with my kids, but never had lessons in the game since my 6 week high school tennis class (30+ years ago). When I signed up for the class, I called to get some information about which class I should join and I thought I would be fine in the Introductory Tennis 456 :”An introductory program for those who have played tennis but haven’t picked up a racquet in years or have advanced beyond Tennis 123.” Tonight was the first of 12 lessons and I was super excited to get back out on the court and feel as though I was doing something good for my body!

Apparently I overestimated my ability level. As I walked out onto the court and found the group that was starting to warm up, I asked a woman hitting balls if I was in the right place. She asked my name, introduced me to the others and invited me to start warming up in her spot. She was the teacher tonight and she watched me start to hit the ball back and forth. Now I know I wasn’t hitting all the balls back over the net but it was just 5 minutes into the warm-up when she came over and asked to see my racket.

Embarrassment #1: She held up my racket to hers and mine was about 2″ shorter. She said this racket is a Jr size, you really need to longer racket. She handed me hers and then started to ask me questions; have you played tennis before? How long has it been since you played? I answered honestly and just told her I signed up to get back into the game.

Embarrassment #2: Very gently she started to say that she didn’t believe this was the right ability class for me. That she thought I would be better suited for the 123 class and that I’d enjoy it more.

So I’m going back now to Tennis 123 at 8:30-9:30. Hope I get to stay this time 🙂