We all have people that support, inform, encourage, inspire our work.

 Thank you to…!

Kenneth C. Williams, @unfoldthesoul, a former teacher, assistant principal, and principal, shares his experience and expertise as a recognized trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant in education and leadership. Helping to make the team you have, the team you want. Consultant to Solution Tree

William M. Ferriter, @plugusin,, Teacher, Blogger, Author, Professional Development Provider. Consultant to Solution Tree

Dale Fisher, @DaleFisherEdD,, Executive Director of Human Services, Instructional Leader who is fascinated by the power of relationships!

Michael Lubelfeld, @mikelubelfeld, Superintendent, mentor, Bammy 2015 finalist, co-moderator #suptchat,

Jeff Zoul, @Jeff_Zoul, Asst. Supt. Teaching & Learning; former principal, teacher, coach, professor. Author of What Connected Educators Do Differently & other books. Marathon runner. Lake Forest, IL

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